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What is an Arboricultural Consultant?

An arboricultural consultant (tree consultant) is an individual who has gained recongnised qualifications and expertise in the care and management of trees. In particular, trees within the urban landscape – amenities, parks and gardens and residential properties.

The minimum qualification recognized by industry bodies is an AQF Level 5 (Diploma) in Arboriculture. This diploma is an applied science and allows the graduate to gain a vast amount of botanical, horticultural, soil, tree structure and morphology information that arborists must base their assessments/reports on.

How can Greenwood Consulting help you?

· We can supply information to help with the best selection of species.

· We can investigate if there has been damage to buildings by tree roots and provide options for the situation.

· We can provide pre-construction advice to avoid tree damage.

· We can provide risk management reports

· We can provide detailed reporting to help improve the health of trees around your home.

Greenwood Consulting has a team of Arborists that would love to help with your tree needs. We also have a Bushfire Planning Consultant who works closely with the Arborists - providing a streamlined reporting experience.


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