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Preliminary Tree Assessment Reports for developments

Tree protection is most advantageous to the developer when implemented in the early stages of planning. Engaging this service in the early planning stages can avoid a great deal of wasted time and expense further down the track.

The protection of trees in the urban landscape has many positve factors
Photo by Natalie Su on Unsplash

"But my project won't affect any trees"

How do we know that proposed construction won't affect trees around the site? It is not a matter of looking at a tree and making a lay person decision as to whether the tree will be affected or not. There are scientific measures that Consulting Arborists use to calculate the level of risk depending on a variety of factors.

If council, neighbouring, native or significant trees are likely to be adversely impacted by construction, an arborist report will be required. Reports must be prepared by an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Level 5 or greater arborist. The Consulting Arborists at Greenwood Consulting are all suitably qualified.

The purpose of a Preliminary Tree Assessment Report is to satisfy Australian Standard AS4970-2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites. This report will provide tree protection measures for all trees to be retained and should include any trees within five metres of the site boundary. The tree protection zone of neighbouring trees may also require assessment.

All assessed trees are typically numbered in the report along with the following information:

• Correct botanical identification and common name

• Health and structure

• Dimensions: height, crown spread and trunk diameter

• Age class and useful life expectancy

• Retention value

• Tree Protection Zone

Many plans have been created on paper, only to have been rejected for planning applications due to an oversight to incorporate tree protection measures.

A comprehensive preliminary report aids with the creation of a workable site plan.

Trees in our urban environments are important and need to be protected at all stages of their life cycles to maintain optimal health. Established trees enhance biodiversity, improve mental health, reduce crime, provide air conditioning, improve air quality, reduce storm water runoff and increase property prices.

Let the arborists at Greenwood Consulting help you to work more efficiently with the urban landscape.


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