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Arboricultural Reports

You have your project planned and are all ready to go. But have you considered the permits that may be required to make your project become a reality?

Here is a list of the common reports that may be required when undertaking construction.

Site Overview Assessment

A site overview is undertaken prior to the purchase of a property to identify the constraints to development that existing trees may create.

Preliminary Assessment

​The Preliminary Assessment is generally undertaken prior to the project design. It is intended to identify the trees on and adjacent to the site. It provides base information for effective decision making in the design process.

Construction Impact Assessment

A Construction Impact Assessment involves the analysis of a proposed design in terms of impact on the site trees.

​Where specific trees are intended to be retained, alternations to the design or construction methods might be recommended to ensure the successful retention of these trees.

​Consultation between the client, designer and arborist may be required to resolve difficult design issues in relation to high-value trees.

Arboricultural reporting aims to strike a balance between development and the preservation of the urban landscape

Tree Management Reporting

​Tree management reporting is often required to guide the development construction process in the vicinity of retained trees on and adjacent to the site.

​This reporting specifies tree protection and preservation actions during and following the construction process.

BAL Reporting (Bushfire Attack Level)

A BAL report is required if the development is located within a designated bushfire prone area. It is part of the building process and the level of BAL is an assessment of the radiant heat exposure on a building.

Bushfire Management Statement

This is required as part of a planning application if a Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) applies to a property. A BMS usually has 4 parts:

Bushfire Hazard Landscape Assessment

Bushfire Hazard Site Assessment (similar to a BAL assessment)

Bushfire Management Statement

Bushfire Management Plan

Depending on the type of development, the zoning and if a BMO schedule applies some of the above parts may not be required.

BMO Reporting

If trees are required to be removed to satisfy the defendable space outlined as part of a Bushfire Management Statement, retention values are applied to trees in order to work out which ones to remove or retain.

Greenwood Consulting provides arboricultural reporting as well as bushfire planning consultation. If you are unsure which reports you require Greenwood Consulting is here to help.


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