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Bushfire Planning Reporting

Servicing residential, commercial and government projects

We provide fast and efficient reporting to meet building and planning requirements for sites within designated bushfire prone areas (BPA). We supply reports to satisfy the following:

  • AS3959 - Construction of Buildings within  Bushfire Prone Areas

  • Victorian Planning Clause 44.06 - Bushfire Planning    

  • Victorian Planning Clause 53.02 - Bushfire Management Overlay


We also provide BAL reports for insurance claims.  These may be required as part of the construction standard for external repairs for buildings within designated bushfire prone areas.

Approximately 70% of Victoria falls within designated bushfire prone areas. Areas that are classified as a higher bushfire risk may also have a Bushfire Management Overlay  (BMO).


Click here to see if your property is within a bushfire prone area and/or has a BMO


Addressing bushfire planning needs in the early planning stages often saves time and money by streamlining the process.

BAL Reports

Bushfire Management Statements and Plans

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Bushfire Emeregency Plans

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