Peter Bourke, consulting Arborist at Greenwood Consulting in Melbourne


"Standing next to a living organism of this size and likely over 200 years old, really put things into perspective and gave me an increased appreciation of trees, and their management, in the urban environment. Trees play a hugely important role in the environment and are often taken for granted.


This photo shows Peter looking up at a Giant Sequoia in California. You can get an idea of just how magnificent trees are. Walking among these giants helped to confirm Peter’s love of arboriculture and made him feel incredibly lucky to be part of an industry, and company, committed to the best practices when managing trees in the urban setting.





Peter Bourke is a consulting arborist with a genuine passion and respect for the arboricultural industry. Since 2009 Peter has worked as both a practical and consulting arborist within the private and local government sectors. This has enabled him to gain valuable experience from tree management, planning and developmental viewpoint. He joined Greenwood Consulting in 2016.


He has achieved a Diploma and Certificate III in Arboriculture and was awarded best first-year student during the Certificate III for his enthusiasm and perseverance. He is currently working on completing his Graduate Certificate of Arboriculture at the University of Melbourne to further his arboricultural knowledge.

Peter grew up around trees and was encouraged to help out his father, Terry, who worked as an arborist for over 40 years. Peter’s sister is a qualified forester who currently works in the timber industry, so the passion for trees runs in his family!


When not working as an arborist, Peter likes bushwalking and visiting areas where remarkable trees are growing. He recently visited the Sierra Nevada ranges in California to see the ancient Bristlecone pine forest and the giant Karri forests in Western Australia.

Peter loves working for Greenwood Consulting and enjoys the challenges associated with the management of trees on the varying projects that the company is involved with.


Diploma of Applied Science (Horticulture)

Graduate Certificate in Arboriculture

QTRA Practitioners Guide to Visual Tree Assessment

Working with Children check

Construction Induction (Red card)

Track Safety Awareness (Level 1)

Rail Safety Worker

First Aid Level 2

Arboriculture Australia member

Graduate Certificate of Arboriculture at