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Consulting Arborist

Jason was first introduced to Arboriculture while living in the southwest of Australia in 2004. He started his career at a small company located in Bunbury. Jason started on the woodchipper and began furthering his career by operating EWP’s and climbing trees. This intrigued him to delve deeper into the industry and to have a better understanding of the significance of tree preservation and management.

After a few years, Jason moved to Queensland where he worked for a business that specialised in mature tree transplantation techniques and root retention.

By 2009, Jason had relocated to Melbourne and worked for a tree company who contracted to councils. From here he eventually became an operational supervisor to help oversee the pruning of municipality trees.

Jason changed career paths in 2019 to work for the City of Whitehorse and managed contract powerline tree clearances, customer requests, and gave recommendations for planning and engineering regarding tree retention.

Being exposed to a proactive approach in retaining and protecting trees, Jason joined Greenwood Consulting in 2022. From here he continues his service in managing and cultivating trees within a growing urban environment.

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