Consulting Arborist, Dan Van Kollenburg, on a construction site in Melbourne.


"As Greater Melbourne expands into rural areas, considerable pressures are placed upon trees, especially old and senescent indigenous trees".


Dan is up to the challenge of finding practical solutions to ensure that development does not adversely impact on such trees. He finds the protection of such trees of high priority as many of these trees can have cultural and historical significance as well as providing significant amenity to an area.



Dan van Kollenburg joined  Greenwood Consulting in 2008 as a consulting arborist. He has over fifteen years of experience in Arboriculture. Prior to working for Greenwood Consulting, Dan spent three years as a utility arborist working either for himself or for companies engaged in tree maintenance in the Melbourne metropolitan area. He is passionate about trees and their retention and care and sees himself as an advocate for trees, especially on construction sites where the needs of trees can often be overlooked.

Dan previously worked in private pathology.


“I lived close to the laboratory where I was employed. Most days I would walk through the Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne on my way to and from work. Often, I would see arborists working in trees in the Gardens and I decided that I also wanted to work with trees. I enrolled in the Diploma of Applied Science (Horticulture) at Melbourne University (Burnley Campus) (formally VCAH) and graduated in 1998”.

He enjoys working for Greenwood Consulting because the company is operated in a collegiate manner and provides flexibility to life's other important parts such as family.


Greenwood Consulting has given Dan the opportunity to work on diverse projects from providing advice on a single tree to a large project requiring the capture of data for over 80,000 trees.

Dan has gained considerable experience in tree assessment in a variety of roles such as:

  • Significant tree registers.

  • Arboricultural construction impact assessment.

  • Tree inventory data collection and inventory management for local councils, schools and public gardens.

  • Tree risk assessments.

  • Project management.

  • Tree management on construction sites.

  • Database management.

  • Supervision of construction works around trees to ensure minimal tree impacts.




Dan has also provided arboricultural guidance for projects such as:

  • Level Crossing Removal Project (Caulfield to Dandenong).

  • Wesley Place.

  • Brighton Grammar School redevelopment.

  • Haileybury College.

  • Mount Lilydale Mercy College.

  • Emerald Lake.

Of interest to Dan is the care and management of old and senescent trees in urban environments and growth corridors. Large trees within redevelopment sites can be significantly impacted by works on the site and can be a polarising topic amongst developers, engineers, architects and Councils. Being able to retain such trees within a development site with minimal impact on the tree is an area that Dan finds most rewarding.

On the other end of the scale, Dan is also interested in the establishment of young trees in the urban landscape. He believes that tree selection for a planting site is of high importance and that a suitable tree should be selected for a site based on the requirements of the tree and the attributes of the site. Proper maintenance of young trees through providing suitable growing conditions and undertaking formative pruning are the keys to establishing a successful tree that will continue to provide high levels of amenity to the community over a long period of time.

Outside of arboriculture, Dan’s other passion is music and travel. Dan plays harmonica, guitar, mandolin and a variety of other stringed instruments and is in a band that plays around the Dandenong Ranges. He also collects records in a wide range of musical genres with a love of blues, soul and punk music. He has also travelled around parts of Asia and Europe.

Favourite tree species are Araucaria bidwillii (Bunya Pine) and Eucalyptus camaldulensis (River Red Gum).


Diploma of Applied Science (Horticulture)

Bachelor of Arts (History and Australian Studies)

QTRA Practiotners Guide to Visual Tree Assessment

Working with Children check

Construction Induction (Red card)

Track Safety Awareness (Level 1)

Rail Safety Worker

First Aid Level 2

Arboriculture Australia member

Currently studying the Graduate Certificate of Arboriculture at Melbourne University