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Daniel Benincasa

Bushfire  Consultant

Greetings. I'm Dan. I began my environmental journey by volunteering at Carrum Indigenous Nursery in 2006 and Candlebark Community Nursery in Mooroolbark in 2012. My passion for conservation and community engagement has always driven me. These formative experiences paved the way for my professional development, leading to the completion of a Certificate IV in Conservation and Land Management. My dedication to environmental stewardship deepened through my role at Candlebark Community Nursery between 2017 and 2019, where I provided expert advice and fostered community engagement alongside dedicated local volunteers.

Simultaneously, from 2012 to 2023, as a member of the Bushland Wetland Team at Monash City Council, I was immersed in bushland maintenance, fire defence preparations, and public education initiatives. This role underscored my commitment to maintaining pristine local environments and highlighted my ability to face and solve complex environmental challenges.

The turning point in my career came in 2019 after attending the Firesticks program on Yorta Yorta land in Barmah National Park. Inspired by the cultural burning practices and their community empowerment, I pursued a Graduate Certificate in Bushfire Planning and Management at the University of Melbourne in 2022.

This academic pursuit sharpened my expertise in my understanding of the Victorian Bushfire Safer Together Program, Residual Risk, Fire Behaviour and the Victorian Emergency space network, which has led me to over a year in my current role practising at Greenwood Consulting, developing planning integration with bushfire management, including developing Bushfire Management Statements, Bushfire Management Plans, conducting BAL Assessments, and crafting emergency plans in collaboration with key authorities, from state, local, indigenous communities, commercial and residential projects.

As a problem solver dedicated to navigating the complexities of bushfire planning and management, I'm committed to finding the right path through tough challenges. My approach is passionate and engaging, ensuring compliance with bushfire management overlays, indigenous vegetation management within defendable spaces, and overall plan compliance. I thrive on tackling the intricate issues that intersect with the planning scheme, from BALs and Bushfire Management Overlays to the nuanced management of indigenous vegetation and compliance with bushfire management plans.

I invite those navigating the complexities of bushfire-related planning and management to connect with me. Whether you're dealing with BALs, Bushfire Management Overlays, indigenous vegetation management, or seeking compliance advice for your bushfire management plan, I'm always available to discuss your bushfire-related issues.

Contact me directly at 0432 813 126 or email : and on LinkedIn:


Let's work together to address your bushfire planning challenges.

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