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Greenwood Consulting provides comprehensive bushfire risk assessment reporting for town planning applications.

We provide an integrated bushfire risk assessment service that can address any native vegetation losses and arboricultural issues as a result of fuel reduction requirements. This service sets us apart from bushfire consultants who lack the expertise to address Victoria's native vegetation permitted clearing regulations.



We provide expertise in Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) assessments for buildings (including proposed dwellings).

Many planning and building permit applications in the rural/urban fringes of Melbourne and country Victoria require Bushfire Management Statements, including Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessments and Bushfire Management Plans (BMP).


 BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) Reporting

A BAL report is required if the development is located within a designated bushfire prone area. It is part of the building process and the level of BAL is an assessment of the radiant heat exposure on a building.

Our BAL report fee includes a site assessment (not just a desktop assessment) and a comprehensive follow to explain in detail how the measurements and ratings were assessed.

Bushfire Management Statement (BMS)

This is required as part of a planning application if a Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) applies to a property. A BMS usually has 4 parts:

  • Bushfire Hazard Landscape Assessment

  • Bushfire Hazard Site Assessment (similar to a BAL assessment)

  • Bushfire Management Statement

  • Bushfire Management Plan

Depending on the type of development, the zoning and if a BMO schedule applies some of the above parts may not be required.

It can be a confusing process for landowners, builders and developers. If in doubt please do not hesitate to contact Greenwood Consulting to discuss your needs.



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